How to report status "completion", "Success", "Score" to LMS

Hello everybody,

we are building an elearning tool in articulate storyline. The output has to be in scorm 1.2. Testing takes place in scormcloud. When we finish the test in scormcloud and are looking at the quiz results, the lms shows us either the status complete/incomete AND success or JUST  the score, depending on the settings we make.

We are wondering if it's possible to receive a report of the users completion, success and score at the same time. Is that possible?

We are not sure, if it has something to do with a combination of settings we can choose, which are quite confusing for me.

First we have the option of selecting the tracking mode: number of visited slides, trigger or specific slide like "quiz results". Also we can choose in "send status to lms" passed/incomplete, passed/ not passed, complete/incomplete, complete/failed.

Also we can make settings on the trigger variable on the slide like completed/passed.


so: 1.: is it even possible to receive a status in completion, success and score in scorm 1.2?

2.: if yes, how can we get that?

3.: or is it just, that we have to decide wether we want the completion status or the score?


Thank you very much,


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Brian Allen

Using either of the "passed" options will result in the LMS receiving "complete" "success" and "score", assuming your course has quiz questions and a results slide.

We tend to use Passed/Incomplete most often, as this will leave the learner "in progress" if they're unsuccessful.

If you want to record a "complete" "unsuccessful" "score", then Passed/Failed would be the option  you want to choose.

Hope this is helpful...