How to Reset question to original state in a Multiple Response Question

Apr 22, 2021

I have added an multiple response question in Storyline 3 with 2 attempts.

When the learner answers incorrectly the clicks the Try Again button the question is not reset to the original question. 


I tried the following:

  • Changed the based layer slide setting to reset to initial state
  • Added a trigger on the Try again layer to Jump to slide (the question slide)

After doing this the learner has unlimited tries to complete the question (not 2 attempts) and they can only move on to the next question when they have answered correctly.

I then added:

  • a number variable that is set to zero,
  • added a trigger on the try again layer to show incorrect layer after 2 attempts to show when timeline starts and variable is equal to or great than 1.

This did not work either.

Has any of you experienced the same problem and do you have a solution.


Appreciate !

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