How to restart or reset any slide by clicking a button


I have create a drag & drop game by going through Tutorial. I have called this slide by clicking a Button. I want people play this game again and again and want whenever this button is pressed, Drag and drop game should start from scratch. How to do this.

Currently every time it start with last result page from last played session.

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Blue Kearsley

One way is to create a new results page, and a set of triggers for when the button is pressed. You'll need to be sure that the number of attempts within the question tools tab is set to unlimited. The question slide itself will remain the same. On the correct layer, you'll need another button to allow users to retry the quiz/game.

Create the results slide, and name it accordingly. You can set it up so it's only picking up one question. (I'll call mine drive and drive_results)

On the results slide, add these triggers:
When timeline starts
Submit results 1.2 drive_results
Reset results 1.2 drive_results
Jump to slide 1.1 drive

On the retry button, add this trigger:
When the user clicks RETRY
Jump to slide 1.2 drive_results

Ultimately, this will reset the slide back to it's initial starting point.


If your drag-and-drop is a freeform interaction without a results slide, you could use a single button that uses the trigger: Jump to Slide and then set the slide to jump to itself.

But the key is to set your slide properties to "Reset to Initial State" when revisiting the slide. That will reset all interactive objects to their initial position and state.