How to Restore "Trigger Edit" Sidebar Panel

Jun 13, 2013

Hi.  A very simple question (odd that I couldn't find this anywhere in Storyline) -- I caused the right sidebar to disappear (the one with the trigger and states editing panels) and can't figure out how to bring them back.  Can someone tell me how?



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Richard  Crouse

Thanks Rachel.  Unfortunately that didn't do it.  When I move my cursor to the side until the handles appear, it only allows me to grab the the outer edge of the app window to resize it.  I tired locating a subtle point close to the edge that might grab the sidebar panel but no go.  I think the sidebar panel is actually closed, not just minimized.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Richard!

If you move your cursor all the way over to the right-edge of your Storyline window, you should see the crosshair appear, allowing you to drag and resize the menu back into place. Sometimes you need to snap it back into place a little further over than you think, then resize it from there. 

If your Triggers panel or Slide Layers panel is missing or closed, here's how you can make it visible again:

Let me know if you still have trouble with the panel.


Richard  Crouse

Hi Christine.  I was finally able to do it.  Here's what was causing me a problem (an oddity that is probably worth mentioning in the video tutorial).  You cannot drag the window when the Storyline application window is partially minimized.  On a hunch, I decided to restore the window to full-screen width and then I was able to drag open the panels.

Very strange quirk that the developers should be made aware of.

Thank you for your help.


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