How to Restrict Learner to One Scene in a Project

I have created a project that contains four scenes. After the starting scene, the learner must make a selection to proceed to one of the other three scenes. I want to restrict the learner to the one scene that they have chosen and not be able to go back and choose one of the other scenes after making their initial selection.

I am quite certain this was covered in the Yukon Learning course I attended but I can't remember how it was done and do not see anything about it in the course manual.

Would greatly appreciate any help!



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Tom Kuhlmann

Eliminate the ability to go back to the choice scene. By default, the previous button will go back to the previous slide. 

  • You can hard code the previous button at the start of the chosen scene to inform them they can't go back.
  • You could go into slide properties and disable/hide the previous button at the beginning of the scene.
  • You'll need to consider if you have a side menu or not. If you do, then you don't want the side menu to show slides you don't want them to access