How to Resume audio after pausing in hover state

Apr 01, 2016

To be AODA compliant, everything we show on the screen must also have an audio component.  I have an audio track that narrates the introduction of a slide, with buttons below.  Upon hovering over the buttons, I've set the Intro to pause, and the audio for the button to play.  

What I'd like to do is resume the Intro audio where it left off after the mouse is done hovering over the button.  (I thought having the [restore on mouse leave] box checked would work but it doesn't).  I've tried all combinations of triggers and can't seem to make this work.  Is there a trick to this, or is it simply not possible?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Erin -- Thanks so much for sharing your file, and as I was not certain if this would be possible or not, I reached out to my colleagues and it was mentioned that unfortunately, there isn’t a way to tell Storyline that users have stopped hovering and to replay the audio.

But, perhaps you might want to consider preventing the user from hovering until the initial audio is complete? As in, perhaps you could use a  transparent shape that disappears once the media has finished? Just a thought, and maybe others in the community will have some additional suggestions to share, as well! :)

Erin Mahabir

Hi Christie, 

Thanks for your reply.  I've come up with a similar issue that may or may not have the same answer.  I now have a new slide that has a diagram.  I've placed hot spots on the diagram to show a layer with audio to play when the user hovers over them. 

However, these clips are lengthy and I would like the audio to just continue when the user hovers back over the spot. (in case they lose focus when it's half-way through).

I've experimented with a hotspot behind the audio hot spot to "pause media when user hovers over the Pause Hotspot... resume when control loses focus" but it keeps on playing from the beginning.

Is this "resume media" problem the same concept as I was experiencing?

Thanks :)

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