How to retake the whole course after failing a test

Hi everyone,

I have just finished building my first course with Storyline 2 and at the end there is a test. I have set it up so that learners can immediately re-take the test if they fail it (I have enabled the 'allow user to retake quiz' option on the results slide), but is there a way that they can retake the whole course, or parts of the course, and then retake the test? If I just direct them back to the contents page (so they can choose which part of the course they want to re-do), they can do the learning again but when they get to the test, it is already pre-populated with their original answers.

I hope this makes sense, apologies if it doesn't!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Alice -- Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! So glad to see that Wendy was able to provide you with the assistance you needed... she's just awesome that way! :)

And as you mentioned you just completed your first course, I thought I might also share few resourced you may find helpful for learning the SL2 ropes:

Please let us know if you need anything else!