How to return object to original location


I have a question I have not been able to find an answer to when using a hotspot and not the feedback. I have 6 images in a layer that can be drag and drop to 21 different hotspots. Depending of which hotspot there will be 3 layers with feedback that can appear.

My idea is that when the user clicks the return button and closes the feedback layer they go back to the drag and drop layer but I want the object to return to their original location if the hotspot is not the correct one.

I can't get the image to return to its original location it just stays where I originally dropped it. How can I get the image to return to its original location?

Thank you for all your help

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gustavo,

By default the drag and drops won't reset and return the items to their starting points. If you would like to have that behavior occur you'll need to use a "jump to slide trigger this slide" on your feedback layers and ensure the slide is set to "reset to initial state". This can cause difficulty if you're needing to use the "review" functionality the slide will be reset on a review and calculated as incorrect. Also using this set up won't track attempts, although others have looked at getting around that by tracking a variable instead. Here is one thread where a number of users discuss the ways to do this.