how to run video from link

Hi everyone!

I used a video from YouTube and inserted it into the Storyline project as a link. In the preveiw mode it runs well but when published it does not run - there is just blank space and no voice. The timeline waits, however, until the video is done as if  it were running and only then is the next slide is shown.

Please recommend how to handle this situation.

Thanks, Maxim 

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Brian Allen

Hi Maxim,

I published your content and uploaded to a webserver and it is working good for me - is it possible that something on your network is blocking the youtube video from loading?  Possibly you're at work and your office network is blocking youtube videos?

I would recommend testing on an outside server, first of all, and secondly I think it would be good for you to try to hit that outside server from both your office and home networks, that way you can troubleshoot where the problem may be...

Here's a link to Articulate's testing server, called tempshare, where you can upload and test your content from various locations and from different devices -

Hope this helps, and good luck!