How to Save a Graded Slide in the Slide Master

Nov 18, 2013

Is it possible to save a graded slide layout in the Slide Master?  Of course, this is an easy process in the Normal View because selecting 'New Slide' lets you choose a variety of slide types:  Graded, Survey, Freeform, etc.  However, these slide types are not available when viewing the Slide Master. From there, you can only Insert a New Slide Master or Insert a Layout.  Any advice on how this is done would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Curt, 

When working in the slide master, you should see one of the layout options for a Question layout - that is where you could make updates to how graded questions appear - but the question itself wouldn't be something saved in the Master normally as that would be for something you'd want to apply to every slide. If you're looking to keep individual questions for use in future courses I'd suggest creating a new Storyline file where you could keep the questions in separate question banks (say depending on question type, content, etc.) that you could import into new projects you're working on when needed. 

Curt Zilbersher

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately, the Question layout is simply a design layout and doesn't have any "intelligence" behind it. What I'm looking for is a Quiz question layout that I can assign to a Master Slide BUT it provides the Quizzing question format that is available from the Templates when creating a New Slide in the Normal layout.  When Quizzing is selected in Normal layout, you can select, say, a multiple-choice quiz and the question and answers have their own Question/Answer interface.  This pre-built quiz question interface is not available from the Master Slide area...or am I mistaken?  

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