How to save pdf file from storyline app over ipad?

Jan 14, 2014


I have created a course, where pdf files are imported as web objects. When I view the course over ipad in storyline app, it does not give me any option to save the pdf file.

Whereas a normal pdf from browser gets open and saved into my adobe reader app.

Is there any way I can save the pdf(integrated through web object) from storyline app?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amey,

There was a similar discussion in this earlier thread, where the consensus seemed to be that if you needed to be able to download the PDF (and ensure all users could download it) to instead use it as a Google doc. 

I haven't come across anything else like this, but some of the folks in the community have created some pretty cool solutions to other problems maybe they'll be able to chime in on this one as well. 

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