How to score a scenario course when the Results slide doesn't let you select some of the slides?

Jul 22, 2019

I have a lengthy scenario course with 6 different scenarios and multiple choice questions throughout.  The multiple choice questions were taken from a scenario template and not technically "question slides".  The Results slide only allows me to select the slides to score that are technically quiz slides.  Do I have to re-create the other slides in order for them to be scored?  They have a question with 3 options and a "consequence" layer showing if it's correct or incorrect.  

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Jerry Beaucaire

Knowledge checks are critical in my opinion.  It forces the user to do something other than click "NEXT" on every slide, reinforcing the idea that we really want them to pay attention.   (and secretly prepare for the coming quiz).

I suggest a fun little knowledge check at the end of each major "idea" you've presented, before moving on.

I also suggest a PRE-KNOWLEDGE check is fun to see if they know something already.  We still present the info afterward (CYA), but you can add a gold star onscreen for them, or something...

And another idea is an APPLICATION, at the end of an idea, present a "situation" they must choose a solution for that is based on the concept just covered.

A final KNOWLEDGE CHECK suggestion would be of the "HOW TO GET IT WRONG" approach.  Based on what they just learned, which of these follow-up related ideas is "wrong", don't do it, kind of thing.

Jeannette McGlinsky

Yes thank you, I have many of what you suggested, they just weren't originally created as scored questions.  It is important to make sure they know the info and don't just click through the scenarios, so I like your idea of having ungraded questions (aka knowledge checks) and then repeat the questions at the end as graded.  Thanks so much.


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