How to send SCORM data (score) from WebObject?

Oct 20, 2013


I want to include HTML5 game as WebObject and then include the score with Quiz questions to show the combined score on Results screen. From the Results screen, score needs to go to LMS. I tried to access variables/functions in lms.js and LMSAPI.js from Storyline but that does not seem to work. 

This sample contains the scenario with below slides:

Slide 1: Intro

Slide 2: WebObject with interactivity

Slide 3: Quiz screen 

Slide 4: Results slide


To include the score of the webObject in Results slide.

To send combined score of slide #2 (webobject) and slide #3 (True-False question) to SCORM1.2 compliant LMS.


How to pass data (JavaScript variable) from WebObject to Storyline?

How to include WebObject score in Results slide?

How to pass JavaScript data (received from WebObject) from Storyline to LMS?

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