How to send variable value to LMS

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to enable a button(for jump to next course) on LMS after finishing the first course or entering into a particular slide(possibly last slide of first course) in storyline?

Is there anyway to do it by using javascript?

Actually, there are 5 courses and there is a next button on LMS, which takes to the another courses. But we need to enable this next button only when the user visits the last slide of the each course. This is the scenario. If anyone have any solution for this, please help.



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Brian Allen


I can't speak to other LMS's, but this is fairly straightforward in the LMS we use (SumTotal). No need for special javascript triggers, or sending variables or anything else like that.

This works for us, publishing for SCORM 1.2 -

  1. We set our course completion criteria when publishing the course, such as viewing all the slides.
  2. On the last slide of the course we give the usual congratulatory note for completing the course, then show a button to jump to the next course.
  3. Add a trigger to to the Next Course button that closes the course when clicked (it should be second trigger on the button, with the first trigger being a jump to link to your next course URL).
  4. Our LMS records the completion for the course being closed and opens the next course.

Pretty seamless, all built-in functionality, nothing fancy.

Alternatively, you could do sequencing using SCORM 2004, but I've never gotten into that enough to be able to give you any guidance on that.