How to set audio to play after the video layer is completed


I have created a slide where the learner can click on a play button to view a video. The video is on a layer. The learner needs to hear another set of instructions before they move onto the next slide. So once they watch the video a new audio should be played on the base slide.  

Any ideas?


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Kamil Nowek

Is it neccesary that new audo should be played on the base slide? If not, you can create other slide layer with your sound and add trigger: show layer when media completes (your video). If yes, add your sound on the base layer, add trigger stop media (your sound) when timeline starts, and when media completes (your video), play your sound. 

Ali Goulet

Hi Salwa,

I put together a quick example based on the second method Kamil described; using triggers to both stop the audio on the base layer when the timeline starts, then to play the audio once the video has completed. Take a look at the attached .story, hopefully you find it helpful! :)