How to set up conditional feedback while limiting attempts

I have several questions that have 2 attempts to get them correct.

After the second "Wrong" try, I want the user to be shown the "Incorrect Continue" feedback layer and upon a click be sent to the next slide.

I currently have it set (using a variable) that when the count attempts reaches 2 they are shown the "incorrect Continue" layer. The problem is, if they get it correct on the second attempt, they are still shown the "Incorrect Continue" layer.


wrong attempt+ wrong attempt = INCORRECT CONTINUE

wrong attempt = correct attempt = CORRECT CONTINUE

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Sahil Mehta

Hi Joe,

I guess you are setting the count of variable by clicking the submit button! If you make it on incorrect layer then it will work fine.


On layer "Incorrect":

2. show layer INCORRECT CONTINUE when timeline starts if variable is equal to 1

1. Set variable equal to 1 when user clicks the "Continue button"