How to set up course completion trigger following Qualtrics survey

Is there a way to set a complete course trigger after an embedded Qualtrics survey (using Web Object within slide) is complete? For example, I wanna have folks take a required Qualtrics survey and then open up a button (within Storyline) that will close out the course for the LMS to recognize it as being complete?

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Marisa Mendoza

We have used a "Fill In the Blank" question for this. We embed the Qualtrics survey into the question slide. The end of survey has a confirmation code so that when the learner completes the survey, the enter the code to answer the question. This is what we use for the results slide. It has worked well for our learners.

Theo Brandt

I've got a good solution to that. It's a button that the user just clicks- developed in Storyline.

the storyline block is a button that when clicked changes the state to 'completed' then the rise couse comprises of the Qualtrics embedded in an iframe, followed by the button in a storyline block.  When the course is exported, the button block is chosen as the completion criteria for the course.