How to set variable to add a value of 10 once

Apr 02, 2014

I am pretty new to variables and play with them. So my question might be stupid ;o)

I want to accomplish that after visting a slide that +10 is added to the variable "ProgressState" just once. So when the user visit the slide again (for example using back and forward) it should not add 10 again. Is this possible?

I figured out I can add +10 with a slide trigger, but this add's 10 points also when the user click previous and next.

What I want to accomplish is that after visiting the slide the value is added just once with +10. On other slides I want also add a specific value to this variable.

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John McNichol

If there is only one way to get in and out of this slide I would recommend adding a True/False variable the variable is switched to True when the slide timeline starts, then have another variable to add 10 to ProgressState when timeline starts on the condition that your true/false variable is set to true.

A more efficient way if the ProgressState 10 variable is not needed is to just set a true/false variable to each slide that switches to 'true' when the slide timeline starts.

Sjoerd de Vries

Hi John,

I was currently did that. This means on every slide you must have a new variable VisitSlide01 02 etc.. This gives the controll of having the option to set the condition for adding 10 points.  It's a lot of work though.

But are you correct? When the points are added when the condition is true than the points will be added again when clicking back and forward. That's what I wanted to prevent.

I tried with these parameters: It added points when the timeline starts and if the SlideVisit is set to false (So not visited before) and then I want the visit slide parameter set to true to prevent it will add points the next time.

That seems to work now. I got wrong when I added the VisitSlide03 to true under Player triggers instead of Slide triggers as in the image above. 

So I got a solution, thanks. Are there others?

Sjoerd de Vries

I worked out a complete solution for a progress bar, based on this question here that explains the attached file

I still wants to know if there are easier ways to trigger the progress bar, based on the actual visit of the slide.

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