How to show a countdown of quiz questions remaining


I have generated 200 questions which are in multiple quiz banks. From these banks I have the system randomly drawing 25 questions when the quiz is run. All this works fine.

The quiz participants have one hour do the quiz but they currently don't know which question number they are on or alternatively how many of the 25 questions are left to do.

It would be very helpful if someone could please show me how to add this feature to the quiz as it will help with the participants quiz time management.

Kindest Regards


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Brian Cajutol

Hi Adam,

That sounds like a very helpful feature and may save your users a lot of pain.

Here is a thread that previously discussed inserting slide number but since the same concept applies, it can be used to display question numbers on the Question Slides (ex: Question 1 of 100).

We have other community members who were successful in re-purposing this for test questions by following the aforementioned thread (here).

Please let us know if this helps!

Mac004 Asdu

Hi Brian

Thank you very much for your reply and the links.

I tried these but unfortunately they didn't work for me.

As a work around I have named all 200 questions in the 10 banks 'Q'. In 'Player' I enabled the menu system . Then under 'Menu Options' I enabled "number entries in the menu automatically'. I then enabled 'show slide draw contents' for each question bank. This removes the name of the bank and inserts just the question name, which in my case is now 'Q'. So what I get now is the welcome page, the instructions page followed by 25 'Qs'. This at least gives participants an indication of how many questions they have done, so they can mange their time.

I hope this helps others.

Again thanks.