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Oct 07, 2013


I need help on this: I want a box with text (initially hidden) to change to normal when 4 shapes are dropped on targets, and at least one of them is dropped incorrect.

I used a variable that becomes true when one shape is dropped incorrect, and I managed to make the text box change to normal after the first shape is dropped incorrect, but I want it to become visible after ALL 4 shapes are dropped.

It works fine with the positive feedback text box (when all 4 shapes are dropped correct) but I can't make it work when at least one is dropped incorrect.

Can you help me?

I attached my file.

Thank you,


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Diana Surleac

Hi Leslie! Thank you for your answer.

I didn't use the standard functionality because of two reasons:

1. I couldn't get rid of the built-in design of the feedback slide. But then I remembered I saw a tutorial on how to modify the feedback slides in the Feedback Master, so I got this one solved.  

2. I don't want the Submit button. On all the other slides the learner gets immediate feedback, right after his action, without clicking the Submit button, so I wanted this slide to be the same, I want to have the same behavior all over the course. 

So, I'd like to submit interaction when user drops all 4 shapes on drop zones. I used two triggers:

1. Submit interaction when all 4 shapes are dropped correct

2. Submit interaction when all 4 shapes are dropped incorrect.

So I got 2 cases covered.

But what if the learner drops 2 correct and 2 incorrect? Or 1 correct and 3 incorrect? How can I do it? Insert many triggers for ALL the possible combinations? Seems too much..... 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diana! Thanks for the clarification on what you are trying to do. Yes, you would need something for every scenario that you want feedback for. If someone has a 'prettier' way to do what you are asking, I hope that they pop in here to assist you. I agree, it's a lot of work, but that's what happens when you need a custom solution

I modified the story to include multiple tries and feedback, but it still does have the standard submit button. 

Danny Blais

Hi Diana,

I hope I understand what your issue is. If I am right, I would use 1 variable as a counter. Each time the user drops on target add 1 to the variable and submit interaction when the variable is equal to 4(number of drops you indicated) this way no matter what the combination, if all four drops are completed then the interaction will be submitted.

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