How to show custom feedback layers in MR question

Jul 29, 2016

Hi everyone,

Im new-ish to Storyline and I have been tasked with creating some new layouts for our courses. I have been working with the pre-built template for multiple response question types, and have created some customised feedback layers in the feedback master. So far so good. I was wanting to switch off the submit button in the player, but have run into trouble at this stage – I want to show x3 feedback layers – one incorrect, one try again and one correct.

There are x3 responses in my MR question. If you check all three options, then I want the correct layer to show, and if you select only 2 responses, you get the Try again layer, and finally if you still get the question incorrect  - you get the incorrect layer. Or if you choose all three options at this point, you see the correct feedback layer.

 Is there a way of setting this functionality up with the player ‘submit’ button being turned off? I have looked at similar forum discussions and not really found anything that could help.

If any of that is unclear, then I can show/explain in more detail.

Thanks all 

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