How to show object on a slide when drop correct on another slide


I need some help on this: I want an object (from Slide 1) to change its state (form hidden to normal) when another object (from Slide 2) is dropped correct. (Observation: Slide 2 is lightboxed.)

I tried using a variable that changes its value to TRUE when object2 is dropped correct, and then add a trigger to change state of object1 to normal when Variable is changed, on condition Variable = true. But it doesnt work.

What else can I do?

Find my project attached.

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I think I have it figured out. The trigger"when variable changes" only works when the variable is changing on that slide.  When you go back to the base slide the trigger has already changed if that makes any sense.  I then changed your trigger to say "when timeline starts" and that did not work either.  IT did not work because you are lightboxing the slides so the timeline does not go back to the beginning on your base slide when you return from the lightbox to cause the trigger to fire.  The end solution I came up with was to change your questions from lightbox slides to  "jump to slide" triggers and to change the state change triggers to fire" when timeline starts" on the base slide. 

Let me know if this doesn't sound clear enough.  Interesting challenge.