How to show tick and cross icon when review quiz

Sep 21, 2017


I am new to Articulate Storyline. I am creating my quiz and allow user to review quiz. When reviewing the quiz, I want to show the tick and cross icon next to the answer that the user selected. The Articulate is currently only showing the tick icon on the answer.

Please see the image below, this is what I wish to show during the review quiz. display tick/cross next to the answer to indicate whether the answer is right/wrong.


Please see the image below, the Articulate storyline default setting only shows the tick on the answer, and then show the status whether the learner's answer is correct or not at the bottom. 

I am using Articulate Storyline 3.  Is it possible to customize the review quiz?

Appreciate if someone can give me solution on this. Thank you.

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Ryan Angelo Yang

Hi Chee,

As far as I know, you can't make a red x appear. There is a red text box at the bottom that will say Incorrect. To take out the green check mark, you can go to the results slide and click the trigger for review results. Un-check the box for show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing and click ok. That should remove the green check. 

I've included a screenshot where you can find the option as an attachment. Hope this helps!



Ronaziel Lopez

Hi Chee,

Yes, it is possible to customize your review quiz in Storyline 3. You can add your own custom Review layers using a combination of variables and triggers since it is not possible to edit the default correct and incorrect feedback bars that appear at the bottom of the slides. See this tutorial that will definitely help you out!

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