How to show time/duration on seekbar


I got a question from a client - is it possible to have the time remaining / duration / length show either on the built in Seekbar, or a way to custom make a seekbar that does that? In this case, the student is watching an embedding video, if the video is 10 minutes long, is there a way to show after 2 minutes have passed and 8 remaining, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Daniele Piras

HI Bruce. How could I show "time palyed / total tieme" as in your example, in the standard player's seekbar of SL360 and both for video files or audio files (TTS audio files as well)?

I attach the print scree of what I see on the player config in SL360. Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm really new to Articulate tools.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Daniele!

Bruce's screenshot shows the video control bar, which is different than the player seekbar. Although there isn't a feature to display time played/total time for audio and videos in the player, that would make an excellent feature request! 

Thanks for letting us know how we can make things better. 🙂

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doug,

I'm not such which name variable you've used before, but the seekbar doesn't have a variable value associated with it. 

Storyline isn't currently designed to expose system variables for user interaction. 

We do always want to better understand your needs so we can build even better software. Could you share a bit more on what specific system variables you'd like to see and examples of how they could be used? If you wanted to post here, please feel free - or send those ideas to our Product team here. 

Tamara Bloom

I would like this so our reviewers can tell us where items should come in for our animations. All of the resources we produce are translations, and we mainly use text and images timed to appear alongside audio. As the audio is completely different to the English originals, the translated text needs to appear and disappear at completely different times. I don't speak the languages, and without a timeline reviewers struggle to tell us where each line should come in. External timers don't help as they need to pause, jump back, etc to work it out. Manually inserting a custom solution for each slide and layer would be way too much work for what we need, also! Will submit a feature request, too :)