How to show time/duration on seekbar


I got a question from a client - is it possible to have the time remaining / duration / length show either on the built in Seekbar, or a way to custom make a seekbar that does that? In this case, the student is watching an embedding video, if the video is 10 minutes long, is there a way to show after 2 minutes have passed and 8 remaining, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Rui Hu

I would like to see a time indication on the Articulate Built-in seekbar too. While the video control does show time, but:

1. it looks retro (old styled)

2. it takes additional space on the screen

3. it is for the video not anything else on that slide.

So yes, would there be a time indication on the Articualte seek bar please, after three years?