How to skip 'confirm' slide after reviewing quiz in Storyline?

I watched the tutorial "Confirming that users are ready to submit their answers."  I set up my file this way, but now have another problem: after the learner reviews the slides in the quiz to make sure they've answered them fully and the way they want, by pressing the Next button they, by default, will see the 'confirm' slide a second time.  I don't want it to display again -- just the first time.  I'd like the 'next' button to skip that 'confirm' slide IF it's already been viewed, and go right to the results slide. How to do it? Thanks.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brigitte,

I tried to play with this. Project has 2 quiz questions, the review slide, and the results slide

I set up a variable in this way:

A variable called Review=False

The variable is adjusted to be True when the Learner clicks the Review button (on the Review slide).

The next button on the slide before the Review slide jumps to the Results slide if the Review variable=True.

Does the variable work?

I inserted a reference to the Review variable on the slide.

If I ONLY  preview the Review slide, I can see that it's working. That is I

1. Click to preview the slide.

2. See the reference = false.

3. Click the review button and the reference changes to true.


Things change when I preview the entire project

1. Answer the 2 quiz questions.

2. Click the review button on the review slide

3. Review the 2 quiz questions.

4. I'm BACK at the Review slide and the variable is RESET to False.

So, I think I know why. I think this is because the quiz is set up to allow the Learner to make changes...and that means the Review variable got set back to False on the Review slide, DESPITE the fact that I have it set to return to its saved state.

Hoping someone will provide the solution. And thanks for the question!

Brigitte Cahill

Thanks for your replly, Rebecca.  I haven't had a chance to test a variable in my project -- will do so tomorrow. I also discovered I described the problem incorrectly, but you got it right -- I just don't want to see the 'want to review your answers?' slide a second time, right after I just reviewed them.  Maybe there is no way to do this??  Thanks.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi again Brigitte,

I was playing around with this again today, and I think I've got it what you're looking for. For the sake of clarity, I'm calling the slide where Learners have the opportunity to check their answers the "Check Answers" slide. There are 2 buttons on this slide. If Learners click the "Check answers button", the trigger that is set up brings them back to the first quiz slide. If Learners click the Submit Answers button, the trigger that is set up brings them to the results slide. All  of this is the same, as are the other things that have been set up previously.

  • I've created a True/False Variable called Check Answers. The initial setting is False.
  • I've created a trigger on the "Check Answers" slide to Adjust the Variable to True when the Timeline starts.
  • I've created another trigger on the "Check Answers" slide to Jump to the Results Slide if the Check Answers variable equals true.

It's important that the these 2 triggers be in the sequence shown in this screen shot

If the Learner clicks the Check Answers button the first time and goes through checking/changing answers, when SL arrives at the Check Answers Slide the "true" trigger is read and SL jumps to the Results Slide button.

The only thing I don't like is that you can see a flicker as SL bypasses the Check Answers slide. I wonder if someone knows how to eliminate this.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

So, to avoid the flicker (came to me in the middle of the night )

  • Still create la True/False Variable called Skip Check Answers. The initial setting is False.
  • Still create a trigger on the "Skip Check Answers" slide to Adjust the Variable to True when the Timeline starts.
  • BUT, I'vechanged this last trigger: Create a trigger on the slide that is prior to the Check Answers slide (which would be the last quiz slide). The trigger is set to Jump to the Results Slide when the user clicks the next button with conditions: if the Check Answers variable equals true.

This trigger must come before the default next button trigger in the Triggers panel, like this

The only disadvantage is that if you add more quiz slides, you'd need to remember to switch the trigger to the last slide.

Still happy for someone else to weigh in one way or the other!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey David,

Tx for checking on this. It's been a while! Had to go back and pull it out. So, here's the deal: I now don't see the flicker. Please let me know if you do. BTW, when I DID see the flicker, I was working on my laptop. I'm on my desktop now. Laptop is faster (new chip; desktop 3 years old) ..could it have caught something my desktop hasn't? The flicker wasn't a video flicker thing, it was that I could actually see the Check answers slide kind of skip past. Do let me know! TIA. (Have a ton of notes to myself on one of the slides...just ignore ).