How to start a quiz over after a certain number of wrong answers?

Jul 30, 2014

Hi, everyone--first time posting a question in the forums!

I'm developing a training course for my client that includes a 24-question multiple choice quiz at the end. The client wants it so that if someone gets 3 questions wrong, they have to take the quiz over again.

I'm stumped on how to do this. I see how one is able to limit the number of times someone takes the overall quiz, but how about configuring a limited number of incorrect questions allowed before one has to retake the quiz?

If anyone has any tips on how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated--thanks!

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Vonetta and welcome to the forums!

What you're wanting to do is not something as simple as a default setting, but it is possible.

This solution requires variables, so if you're comfortable using them it shouldn't be foreign to you. If you've not used variables before it's still not that difficult once you understand the logic. In fact, this only requires one variable!

First, a disclaimer that there are 100 ways to do the same thing, and I'm sure others here may have a different or better solution. At first thought, though, this is how I'd approach it.


  • Create a number variable. Click on the "Manage Project Variables" (small x button) in the lower right of the Triggers panel.
  • Give your variable a name such as QuizCounter and set the default value to 0


  • Create a trigger on each Incorrect feedback layer. You'll do this for all 24 questions.
  • Trigger: Adjust Variable [QuizCounter] +Add 1 when the Timeline Starts. Remember, this trigger goes on the Incorrect feedback layer only so it's adding 0+1=1 *if* a learner gets that question wrong.
  • Copy that trigger and paste in all 24 Incorrect feedback layers.


  • Starting on the 3rd question Incorrect feedback layer, add two triggers to the Continue button - One to reset the quiz, and one that evaluates the variables count. No need to start on question 1 or 2 because we're looking for a total count of 3 and this is the first question that number can be possible.
  • Incorrect feedback layer - Add the first trigger to the Continue button: Reset Quiz when user clicks.
  • Incorrect feedback layer - Add the second trigger to the Continue button: Jump To {slide 1.1. "question 1"} when the user clicks.on the condition of 'QuizCounter' is greater than or equal to 3.
  • NOTE: Be sure the "Jump To" trigger is below the Reset Quiz trigger.
  • One last trigger is needed on the first question base slide - Adjust Variable "QuizCounter" =Assignment to the value of 0 when the timeline starts. What we're doing here is resetting the variable back to 0 when the timeline starts on the first question. We need the QuizCounter back to 0 to start counting incorrect answers again.

The logic is if a leaner gets three wrong answers, the counter will add up to 3, they'll click the Continue button on whichever Incorrect feedback layer they're on, and jump back to the first quiz question with the quiz reset.

The only other thing I can think of is perhaps a new slide that the learner will see if they do in fact get sent back. Unless there is preparatory language prior to entering the quiz on managing the expectations, a new slide that says something like, "Sorry, you got three wrong. Let's try again" might be helpful.

Again, more ways to solve than this approach. Without actually building this, I'm pretty sure this should work (fingers crossed).

Good luck and let us know if there's anything not working properly.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Vonetta,

I got to thinking about this when I woke up this morning (I know, it's the Storyline curse), and something just didn't sit well with me from my explanation above.

I built a quick model following my own instructions. Turns out I was right and it works, yet I forgot one small trigger. The trigger on the Continue button for the Incorrect feedback I said to jump back to the first slide and reset the quiz if the QuizCounter variable is equal to or greater than 3. That's correct, but...we need another trigger on the Incorrect feedback of the opposite: Jump To Next slide when QuizCounter is less than or equal to 2. I forgot to account for going forward if answers are correct.

This example only has 10 questions, but easy to duplicate more questions as needed. I also had a thought that if I were taking this quiz I'd like to know which ones I got correct and which were incorrect. I added a "score" if you will in the upper right. Two number variables: "right" and "wrong." Then added a trigger on every Correct feedback layer to +Add 1 to "right", and a trigger on every Incorrect layer to +Add 1 to "wrong." Finally, on the Master Slide there are two colored shapes with references to those variables. Then, two more triggers on the first slide to reset "right" and "wrong" back to 0.

Download this an Preview the Scene or Project and run through it various ways getting correct and incorrect answers. After you play with it, then deconstruct it and see how the logic is played out. After that, it's fairly scalable and flexible to use in your other project.