How to stop folder from opening after zip?

Jan 28, 2020

When exporting a storyline file and then zipping it the folder in which it is stored opens. Is there any way to stop the folder from opening?

I am a Mac user and do not know windows well enough to know if it is a storyline or windows issue.





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

Do you have the Windows environment set up to sync with your Mac files and folders? The automatic unzipping of the folder is a Mac behavior and not something you should experience inside Windows while working with Storyline. To start, I'd suggest reviewing these articles on working with Articulate software in a virtual environment:

When you do need to transfer the published output to your Mac environment, you should see a zipped folder and then an open version of the same folder. The zipped one is typically what you'd upload to an LMS or similar environment.

Walt Hamilton

It happens in both, and it's not an issue; it's a feature. At least, I think it is a visual confirmation that the zip was successful, and you can also know where the zip is. (There was a recent post here, where someone was wondering if there is a way to locate where the zip file is without having to publish again.)

Steve Hazelton

It's actually a feature I like very much because I have from time to time zipped to the wrong folder. I leave the screen open until I am done bringing the zip file into my LMS in case I need to see the breadcrumb trail. I have also had a few times where I published/zipped a file, realized I forgot to make a tweak, and when I re-published and re-zipped it failed to overwrite the zip file. Now I just close the first screen before I re-zip and a new one pops up confirming it went through.

Kyle Mullaney

This is on a windows computer that I remote into. It is windows doing it.

I am aware that the zipped file is what I would upload. The opening window is creating a hitch in my workflow to getting to where I would upload that file. Since our LMS is is web based, I am prompted to upload the file through a web based file menu which by that point I already have opened.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kyle,

I may not understand the steps you're going through, but when I export my Storyline courses for Web or LMS, there is an option to zip the folder upon the successful publish and then I'm shown a Windows File Explorer where my zipped output resides and the unzipped folder is also visible. Nothing is unzipping automatically or opening, as that unzipped one is created at publish and is visible when choosing the Zip option from the Publish Successful window.

Perhaps you'll want to investigate your Windows settings to see what else could be interfering with this! 

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