How to stop playing audio when clicking a new audio button

Hi, I've created a slide with various buttons making a visual 'wall'. Each button plays a short description of the button that was clicked. My problem is that if a learner clicks repeatedly, the audio files will all be playing at once. I've tried to use a trigger to stop playback when a button is clicked, but it didn't work. There must be a simple way with triggers to do this without creating a separate layer for every button??

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Daniel Servan

Hi Ryan,

If you are playing the audio on the based layer and play another audio in a layer, you can pause the audio on the based layer by Pausing your timeline based layer.

Or you can pause media using a Trigger.
It really depends on how you play an audio.

Let me know if this helps or you can post your Story file.

Ryan Willan

it's the 4th slide in which you can click next to get to. I'd rather not have to add a layer for every button... would there be a way to 'lock the controls' with a layer that exists only while an audio file is playing?

Michael Hinze

You can certainly show a layer whenever a button is clicked and set that layer to 'Prevent user from clicking on the baselayer. You would then have to add triggers for each audio file to hide this layer when media completes. Whether or not that's easier than putting all audio files on separate layers is for you to decide.