How to stop sending 0 Score on a title with no quiz

Dec 12, 2012

I have a title that has no quiz or quiz results page.  Not withstanding the tool bug that the Completed/Incomplete tab always reports as passed, I get a score of 0 on a title in the SumTotal LMS even though my title/course has no quiz or quiz results page.  Completion is set to slide views.  Why would a 0 Score be sent with a Completed/Incomplete slide view completion course?

Another bug? Any Solutions?


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Sameeksha Mishra

Hello Emily,

I am facing similar kind of issue. I have created a course in Storyline 2 update 11 and there is no quiz in my course. However there are question slides used for the interactivity. On sumTotal LMS, a score of 0 is seen even when no score is being passed from the course.  Also I have one more course that doesn't contain any question slide, and score is blank on sumTotal LMS. Scorm 2004 is being uploaded on sumTotal.

Please look into this.

Shawn Stiles

For courses that do not have a quiz associated with them, we found that by using a blank results slide at the end of the course, Storyline will pass the completion value to the SumTotal LMS without recording a 0 in the score field.  I've been using this for system based courses that do not have quizzes. We are publishing SCORM 1.2

Paul Zamora

Couple of issues could create this:

1. Check your reporting settings in the publishing window.
Is your completion set to completed/incomplete and not pass/fail?
Is your completion criteria set for slide completions and Not set for complete based on completion slide? Make sure you are set for slide completions.

2. Why are you publishing for SCORM 2004? It's still an unproven standard at least with SumTotal unless, I imagine, the LMS admin requested it. SCORM 1.2 should suffice and give you the results you need.

It's probably the quiz question that is giving you the 0 score. The other thing to check is the LMS upload settings. Is it set for scoring in the fields there?
Hope this helps.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sameeksha, 

I'm not incredibly familiar with SumTotal but Shawn and Paul seem to be on to something here. To help confirm you could also take a look at testing the course out within the SCORM Cloud environment as it's an industry standard for LMS testing and you could see how it behaves and play around with any of the parameters there. 

If you continue to experience the difficulty at SCORM Cloud it's something that our team will want to investigate a bit further and then we'll want to take a look at your .story file. You can share it here in the ELH forums or send it along to us here! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jihong,

I know we had an issue that was addressed in an update related to an exit course trigger sending a zero to the LMS. You can read Ashley's response on that here.

If you are on the latest update, which is now Update 12, please see if you can replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud. If so, we would certainly want to take a look.

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