How to suspend other interactions until sound file completes?

Hi all

Here's one I'm struggling with.  The attached slide is of a quiz where an explanation sound file is played each time the user selects the wrong answer.  I need to prevent the user from clicking on other items until the sound file completes as this leads to multiple sound files playing in unison.  I did not create this slide, so don't really want to start from scratch if at all possible.

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Bruce Holliday


Its a bit difficult for me to see exactly what you are trying to do as I dont understand the language. 

You should be able to disable all responses until the main sound file ends using its timeline.

Make the buttons enabled at this point. Disable them while the current sound is playing. Enable the buttons ?

Antony Snow

Hi Andrew,

You could add each sound file to its own layer and have a trigger that shows the relevant layer when the user clicks on the applicable answer option.

You can then update the layer properties to prevent the user from clicking on the base layer (which is where your answer option are) and add a trigger on each layer to hide the layer when the media completes?

Antony Snow

Hi Andrew,

If you click on the cog icon to the right of the layer name, this will open up the layer properties. The middle section is called Base Layer and the first option under this is labelled as Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer. If you tick this, all objects on the base layer will become inactive whilst the layer is displayed

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

It sounds like Antony was recommending you use layers to play the sounds instead of your current set up of playing them based on the state of the objects. I'd agree that would be the easiest - as each layer could play an audio file, and as he shared you can prevent the user from clicking on the base layer - and the audio layer will just close once completed and the user will be able to continue as normal.