How to take out the gradient of a custom button

May 04, 2013

I want to make a custom button from a rectangle, and I did it following the @Jeanette Brooks tutorial. Which is quite simple, but I noted that I don't have much control over the states of the button, and the gradient is still there, no way to take it out. Any thought?

Thank you in advance. A.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi!  Do you have a link to the original tutorial? 

Is it the one where you have a stock button, select it, and then click the Format Painter and then apply the button;s formatting to your rectangle to create a button?

If so, then two options first come to mind . . .

1. Before using the Format Painter, use a button that has no gradient in all its states.

2. On the rectangle that you have "buttonized," select your button and then click "States" on the Timeline.  Edit each of the button's states.  When editing a state, right-click on the button and select "Format Shape..".  Then in the Fill pane of Format Shape, remove the gradient for each desired button shape.

Adrian Tschubarov

Hi Gerry, thanks for taking a look to my question.

Doing the second step, I could not remove the native button styling, but exploring a bit I've got a lot of more control by doing this manually

1) First I create the shape I need or insert and image to use as button.

2) Go to the States tab and Edit States

3) click on the little blank doc icon (New State)

4) select the state you need to add (hover - down - disabled or whatever)

5) Edit each state as you want to.

6) create a great course!!!

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