how to track completion without using/having an LMS system?

Hi everyone!

I am seeking your advice.  I am developing orientation modules for my organization and I need a way to track employee completion of the modules. I need to post them to our Intranet and I don't have an LMS system. I am publishing my modules as web documents in order to post to our Intranet.

Any ideas, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I have been told that we will not be getting an LMS system so I am looking for alternatives. 

Thank you!!


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Jerson  Campos

Our company doesn't use an LMS with one of our clients.  What we did was use a javascript code to mail the user name (it pulls it from an LDAP server when they log in their computer) and send the supervisor and training supervisor an email with results. Maybe you can do the same thing.  A server that can process PHP is required for this.  

Storyline does have a trigger "send email" trigger, but I'm not sure you can pass score percentages in it.  If its just a course that they have to show they just took it, you could put this trigger at the end of the course to send an email to you or the supervisor.

Annamaria Mandoki


For the same problem we have decided to use the available functions of our Intranet:

 - if you publish on Intranet, it registers per page all the visits: visitor, time and frequency - a report can be created (so I know who and when and how long visited one site)

-  Forms with random questioning can be built in our Intranet, so we have created a Form for the final test. In the report it can be seen who and when failed or passed the test (scores and the answers per person and incident). 

We can track record and visits. The test can be only opened from the module itself. In case you do not need to pass a test you can create a Form and the learner can register that she completed. 

The solution itself is similar to JotForms but without using any external tools.