How to track the session time / Total time of Course spend by the user from LMS to storyline 360


I saw many Discussion related to getting name from LMS, getting score, getting completion status but I want the total time spend by the user in the course from LMS to storyline 360 and also I want to add the last session time to new session time if the user close the course and re-launch the course later i want to add the last session time with new session time.

I have no knowledge about JavaScript can anyone help me with the solution please.  

Any help related to get the total time of the session from the LMS to storyline 360 is appreciated.


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Joseph Francis

cmi.core.total_time is the sum of all of the learner’s session times accumulated in the current learner attempt. It is a read-only element.

cmi.core.session_time is the amount of time that the learner has spent in the current learner session for this SCO. It is a write-only element.

SCORM Run-Time Reference Guide