How to Trigger New Actions after Clicking Resume Button

Jul 12, 2016

After allowing two attempts to complete an Assessment, learners must Exit the course for 24 hours. After this time, I'd like to give learners up to two more tries to complete the Assessment.

MY Question: Is is possible to create triggers that respond to clicking the Resume button and update the saved state?

For example, I'd like the Resume button to redirect the learner to a new layer (instead of the saved state slide/layer), reset the score, and increment the variable Attempts by 1 so it shows as their 3rd attempt.

I've attached a sample of the Results slide in its saved state. I want to jump to a layer that looks similar and that resets the score and shows Attempts: 3.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Milton -- Thanks for reaching out here! If you have a file already started, it might be helpful if you were able to attach it so that your fellow community members are able to offer their ideas or insights to assist with what you have in mind. Please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you should be able to attach your file from there. 

Milton Edwards

Thanks, Christie, for your reply! Unfortunately, I can't attach the file because I'm under NDA with AT&T. I tried to describe the scenario without including the file. I basically would like to know if I can create triggers off of the Resume>Yes or No buttons that will allow me to change the state of variables on the saved slide after launching the Assessment again. I want to increment the attempts and have learners retake the Assessment. I've searched through all the story_content files and can't find code to reprogram the Resume>Yes or No buttons.

I was able to create the attached triggers to work with the Exit button. I get the desired effect if I click the No button in the popup dialog. The dialog returns me to the saved page, resets variables, and hides the Review button (replacing it with the Retake button)  as desired. If I click Yes to the Exit dialog, I exit the browser as expected.

Thanks for any help or insights I receive on reprogramming the Resume>Yes or No buttons to function as described with the Exit>No button above.

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