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Mar 15, 2014


I have to merge several Storyline contents and found some problems.

1. Importing slide breaks links between scenes

Suppose we have 2 Storyline files (A & B). When importing one slide from A to B, it breaks links between scenes in B.

2. Copying a slide into another Storyline file sometimes drops some object

When coping 1 slide to another storyline file, sometimes it drops some objects like sound object in  the original slide.

It makes difficult to effectively merge contents as it requires me to check manually if importing or coping work properly.

Is there any good way to import & copy slides between different Storyline files? Or at least any good way to check automatically if importing & coping are properly finished.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Masashi,

Welcome to the community!

The recommended method for combining Storyline files is to import them rather than copy and paste them. As you've discovered, copying and pasting can sometimes result in problems.

My experience with importing new files into an existing file is also that the new scenes are not automatically linked. But, if you switch to Story View you can click the link button (circled in red in the screen shot) in one scene to display a shortcut menu that will allow you to quickly link to another scene:

I'm not sure this entirely answers your question, since you were looking for a way that you wouldn't have to check manually. But figured I'd throw it out there in case it helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Masashi and welcome to the Heroes community! 

You'll definitely want to follow the import method, and it's further described here. 

If you need to import multiple scenes and keep them connected, you can do an import of more than one scene at a time, but if you do them individually the connections will scenes will be removed until you reset them as Becky showed. 

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