How to update old modules with a new template/slide master

Hi Storyline heroes :-)

I created a new template for our elearnings due to some brand adjustments in colours and appearance. For this I created a new slide master and new layouts and I have saved these as a storyline template.

So far, so good, but now to my problem:
I would like to update all existing and old modules to this new template. Does anyone know a easy way how to do this without creating a new document and copy & paste the content to this new template?

My desire would be just to replace the old master with the new one?


Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!!



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Stephen Mills

Hi Daniel,

As you have your 'old' slide master assigned to your slides you won't be able to delete your old template until no slides are assigned to them.

Upon creating your new slide master template, go to the desired slides and click on "home" tab then under the "Slide" option on your home tab ribbon click layout, and then pick your newly created template. This will then update to your new template.

Hope this helps :-)

p.s - To update multiple slides go to Story View and select all the slides by clicking on the first slide then holding shift go to your last slide and right click then follow the same instructions above.