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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Omkar,

You'll need to publish the course (likely for web) and then place on an FTP or your web server. If you don't have one, you could look at using Tempshare (tempshare.articulate.com) which will keep your link active for 10 days or get started using a site such as Amazon S3. There are some great directions here to get started with that! 

I'll also ping David who runs the challenges to see if he can offer some other ideas! 

David Anderson

Hi Omar - the best way to share your examples is to post them to a web site, blog, or file server like Amazon S3 so everyone can view your work.

If you subscribe to (or have a trial) to Articulate 360, you can use Review to host and share your examples. 

Finally, you can zip your published project and attach it to the forums. Users would need to unzip the file before viewing so this is the least desirable way. More users are likely to click a link than download and extract a zip file to view examples.

I hope that helps!