How to use existing object as a marker

Jul 27, 2015

Hi there - Tried looking for this but couldn't find anything else on it.  

What I would like to do is have a marker-type caption appear when the user clicks on an object on the screen without actually having to use a marker.  

I have three objects:

When the user mouses over/clicks the numbers, I would like the smooth appearance of the text bubble (like a marker):

The reason why I can't use an actual marker is because the marker itself is too specific (small size), and invisible, so it's hit-or-miss on clicking the right place.

I tried using a hot-spot, but the image that shows up can't be hidden again upon the mouse losing focus.

Any ideas on making this work better?



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Erin Mahabir

Thanks Ashley,

I had thought of doing this as a back-up if I couldn't get the smooth appearance of a marker.  The animation options seem pretty extreme, so it's either it all appears upon hover (*boom* there it is) or it has this crazy fly-in effect from one direction.  I've tried the "grow" effect but it still looks gimmick-y, if that makes sense... 

Any advice on how to make it grow from the stem? (like a marker?)

Thanks again!!


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