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Andy Iakobson

I would use a 'pick one' question instead. They can be graded and can be part of a question bank same as the multiple choice.

But if for whatever reason you need to use multiple choice, I would enter some blank answers (wham the spacebar a few times) and select the placement of the correct options. Then I'd just add my images beside the clicky circles, where the text would be. You'd have to turn shuffling off for that question, though.

There's probably other ways, of course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerrie,

There isn't an option within the MC question to add images to individual answers (you could add media to the overall question though) - so I'd agree with Andys recommendation to either use the pick one or pick many question type and you could include an image with a radio button next to it or let the user click on the actual button.