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Walt Hamilton

Generally, for a Pick One, you need to create two objects (shapes work best). Some people make them invisible, others place them off the slide.

2. However you choose, just place them where the user can't click them.

3. Choose one as the correct answer, and the other as the incorrect.

4. Create a selected state for each of them, and set the initial state of the incorrect answer to Selected.

5. On the Submit button make two triggers, and place them first in the list of triggers for the Submit button. One should be : Change state of correct object to selected if slider variable = 2, and the other Change state of incorrect object to normal if slider variable = 2


By the way, you cannot attach from a phone. You must use a browser and come to this page and use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to attach a file.

Wendy Farmer

Hey Libby

take a look at the attached update to your file.  I notice you only want them to have 1 attempt (set up in the options) but you are giving them 'try again' feedback.

I've created two offstage buttons Correct/Incorrect (they are sitting on stage so you can see them change) and used them in the pick one form. I also added a 'submit interaction' trigger which was missing.