How to use Survey as pre-screen tool

Feb 19, 2013

Wondering if it's possible to do this in Storyline; and if so, how to go about it.

Want to create an initial survey instrument for users to self-assess.

No wrong answers... can be multiple responses out of a total of 5 or 6.

But want to be able to use their responses to the survey to direct them towards specific scenes.

For example:

They choose from 5-6 roles that they fill.

If they choose Role 1, 3, 5 - then they go to Scenes 1, 3 and 5.

If they choose Roles 2 & 4, then they will go to Scenes 2, & 4...

Is it possible to create a slide that will show them the results of their selections?

For example,

If they choose Role 2 &4... then a slideĀ or layer comes up to show them a menu to choose

information about Role 2 and Role 4... and they can click to see information about each of those successively.

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