How to visualize project created on articulate storyline2 in IPAD, IPHONE, SMARTPHONE ???...

 Hello ,

I need some help.

I published several website via articulate storyline 2. I attached the options I do activate while publishing on web .

Unfortunately, none of them are working properly while using or Smartphone, or Iphone or Ipad.

Here is a website for intance

Thank you for your help



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Michael Hinze

I question if it's the best approach to use Storyline to build websites, but technically it works. I tried your link on an iPad and a Android phone. Since I have the Articulate Player app installed on both devices, the site is launched in the AMP.

I can also force to display the HTML5 version in the device's browser by going to

Annick Filot

Helo Ashley, on Iphone we can see the player around the content, but inside the player frame, it is empty :-/

my colleague has Iphone with the iOS 9 updated version

my other colleagu has a samsung smartphone and after downloading the application, we can only see a part of the project and we can not enlarge it


Thank you for your help



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annick,

Did you publish it with Update 7 or a previous update of Storyline? Update 7 fixed issues associated with supporting iOS9 and I see the same behavior on my iphone with iOS9. I'm guessing since it worked for Michael he may not have updated the iOS yet. 

If you're still having difficulty could you share a copy of the .story file with us?