How to visually show learner they've selected multiple hotspots on screen

I'm working in 360 and I have 7 places I want the learner to find on the screen and I have set up states with checkmarks showing when they select that hotspot.  However, we want to leave each checkmark on the screen as they select progressively so they will know visually when they've selected 7.  The problem is that the learner can select randomly.

I've made states for the base layer with the checkmarks based on each hotspot, but I can't show a checkmark for area A and B if the learner has checked areas A and C.  Is there some kind of variable I need to set up?  Not sure how to do this to show each checkmark as they select the hotspots randomly?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hotspots can't have visited states. You could put checkmarks on the screen in a hidden state and then change the state of the checkmarks to normal when clicking on the hotspot.


You could insert a shape (which does have states) and create a visited or selected state for the shape. Make the shape transparent and then place the checkmark inside the created state.

Here's a quick video.