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gary vey

What I don't like about the zoom feature as Articulate does it: Although I can define an area and zoom in on it, I do not see the zoomed area in the slide in edit mode. No WYSIWYG here folks ...

Which makes the feature rather useless if I want to highlight a part of the zoomed in area - for example:

1. Zoom in on an area
2. Add a text bubble with text pointing to a certain part in the zoomed in area

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

I may be misunderstanding, but when I insert a zoom region, you'll see some green dotted lines as to where the zoom region is, and if you click on that object within the timeline the rest of the slide greys out and then your focus is on the actual area to be zoomed. I took a screen capture of the first set up of this.