How well does Articulate SL 2 run on HTML5 for you?

Mar 14, 2016

I recently published my big project and was horrified to see that when I clicked on a button in the HTML version there was like a 10 second delay between the click and what the button triggered (for example, jumping to the next slide). The Flash version worked fine. Does anyone else have issues like this? 

Also, how well do your Articulate projects run on Macs? Many of my students have Macs. I was hoping there would be an HTML5 version for them to use, but now I'm thinking there can't be. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Steve Flowers

Hi Frasier -

HTML5 from SL2 can be finicky. I try to keep my projects small and my slides simple when targeting HTML5 output. Large numbers of triggers and layers tend to slow the slide load / transition. Large media files such as audio, video, and unoptimized images can also cause a delay.

Running on a Mac is no different than a PC for most of my clients and tests. If the Flash player is installed it will run as strong on a Mac as the PC.

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