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Andrew Marston

Thanks Leslie

I am now  trying to make the hotspot only activate the next slide when the learner clicks it for no less than 5 seconds.

So if they click and hold on the hotspot for only 4 seconds the next slide is not activated.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to do this, it would be appreciated.


Kind regards



Rich Cordrey


I'm not sure you'll be able to accomplish that exactly, given that clicks can't be recorded until they are completed (which means down and up). There's no way to time it or make the down click affect any trigger or variable until the mouse is released.

I did throw something together in a few minutes with a hotspot and triggers that sort of approximates the action, but if the user never lets go of the mouse click, it's not going to do anything...

Hope it helps!

Phil Mayor

There may be a way but I have not tested.  Build a layer with  five second time line. Swap your hot spot for a transparent shape with a down state.  Create a hotspot with a trigger to show layer when user hovers over the hotspot ensure it is set to close when no longer hovering.  Cut the hotspot and paste into the down state of the transparent shape.  

Now when they click down the hover state trigger of the hotspot should file and your layer will show, if the release the hover trigger the layer will shut

Should work