How Would I Drag One Object to Multiple Targets?

Mar 20, 2019

Hi, I'm wanting to drag a frame around 3 different people. On drop correct state I want to show a layer with details about the person. I've created a "drop correct" state for the frame. I'm stuck on how to tell Storyline I want the user to be able to drag this object (frame). Would I choose a Pick Many since the object needs to be able to be dragged more than 1 time?



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Noel Read

Hi, it depends on whether the frame can be dropped on any of the people in any order, or if there is actually an incorrect selection. I have attached a file that show how you can set it up if you just want them to drag the one frame onto an image, see details of that person, then go back to the first slide and drag the frame onto another image. If there is more of a quiz element involved then something more complex would be needed. Noel

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