Oct 03, 2018

Is it possible to copy questions from a question bank an then copy those questions to another question bank in the same project? In other words, I have two questions banks in the same project and would like to add some of those questions to a different question bank in the same project. I know this is redundant. The problem is I have Knowledge check questions and a final, when I change the number of attempts for a question in the knowledge check it also changes the number of attempts for that same question in the final quiz.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Paul!  We make this super easy for you to accomplish.

Once you create your new question bank for the final, you can easily add questions from other banks.  Choose to import, use the dropdown menu to Import from: Question Banks, select your questions, and choose whether to move or copy them into the new bank.  

In your case, it sounds like you'll copy those questions into the new bank so you can have distinct settings.  Let me know how you make out!

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