HTML 5 - Audio on iPad - Solution?

I know there is a lot of discussion out there about HTML 5 on iPad.

I am having issues with audio.  When I go back and forth between pages, audio may or may not play, or may overlap each other.

  1. I have a course with audio on every page.
  2. I have Update 3.
  3. I have iOS 6.1 iPad with Retina display.
  4. I have tried in mobile Safari and Chrome.
  5. I have published out with audio at 64 kb and lower.]
  6. I have published image quality down to 65%.
  7. I have tried all slide revisting options.
  8. I have tried user click and automatically slide advance.
  9. I am using the player with standared PREV and NEXT buttons and seekbar.
  10. No side menu.

Anyone have any help on getting audio to work consistently back and forth between slides?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time.  It sounds like you have already gone through a world of troubleshooting.

Here is an article about how your content presents on iPad.

Do you have multiple resources on slides? More information in this article.

Here is a thread where a hero explain HTML5 and issues with audio.

Bottom line, there are limitations as you are aware.

Perhaps some community members have suggestions that would be able to assist you, but if none of the above help you we probably need to check out your file as well to see what's going on.

Anantkumar Malikaveetil


We had a similar problem of audio overlap on iPad Safari. We basically had single audio file per slide which started playing as soon as the page loads. For some reason, after a few minutes into each slide a pre-loader appears and the audio file from the next slide starts to play. So we had two audio files playing simultaneously.

We found a simple fix for this. We moved the audio back by a few seconds on each slide and the issue got resolved. The only drawback being, the page audio starts after a few second delay once the page is loaded. We were happy to live with it.

I hope this helps!